Pelican Lakes Conservation Club

Welcome to Pelican Lakes Conservation Club!

The Pelican Lakes Conservation Club is dedicated to the conservation of the environmental resources of the Pelican Lakes and the promotion of the general welfare of the Pelican Lakes area and its population.

The Pelican Lakes Conservation Club (PLCC) has been an active ongoing body since the late 1940s. The PLCC has done much to ensure that the Pelican Lakes stay clean and remain the beautiful lakes that they are today.

The PLCC is dedicated to keeping the Pelican Lakes well stocked with fish and the shorelines and surrounding roads clean and litter free. The club maintains a well-marked buoy program for the safety of pleasure boaters and fisherman as well as helping to prevent erosion and minimize wake and wash disturbance on the lakebed.

Background and Mission Statement

The Pelican Lakes Conservation Club (PLCC) is an association of individuals and families devoted to improving the environmental quality of the watershed areas of Pelican and Little Pelican Lakes.

The members and friends of the club donate thousands of hours of volunteer time to meet the objectives of PLCC. Activities promoted by the PLCC include, but are not limited to:

  • Water quality testing of lakes and streams

  • Identifying and posting fish spawning areas

  • Developing nesting and habitat areas for waterfowl, deep, loons, and birds

  • Improving fish habitat through weed control

  • Promoting recycling, earth, and lake clean ups

  • Maintaining fish levels through restocking programs in cooperation with the DNR

  • Developing park and nature trails

  • Promoting conservation practices through community services

In addition, the PLCC contributes financially to other community activities through its lawful gambling donations.

 The Pelican Lakes Conservation Club (PLCC) is headquartered in the Pelican Lakes Community Center located off County Road 4, one mile south of the Breezy Point Resort entrance. The Center includes a main building with meeting rooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and storage building where the buoys, maintenance equipment, and supplies are kept. The center property includes 20 acres of undeveloped wooded acreage with three ponds. The PLCC maintains a compost pile for yard waste and has a five-year plan for development of a nature trail and observation platforms.  

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Facts about Pelican Lake
and Little Pelican Lake

Water clarity: 12 feet

Water color: Blue-green

Maximum depth: 104 feet (Pelican Lake)

Average depth: 47 feet

Boat Ramps: 5 concrete (Pelican Lake)

Elevation: 1,206 Feet

Acreage: 8,253 (Pelican Lake), 192 (Little Pelican Lake)

Fish Present: Walleye, Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, and Perch

DNR Stocking: Walleye